Our Services

Application Services

  • Internal Sealants – windows, doors, kitchens, bathrooms, floor perimeters

  • External Sealants – windows, doors, brickwork, glass, movement joints

  • Intumescent Fire Sealant – fire doors, plant rooms, risers with multiple fire ratings

  • Swimming Pools – one part and two part applications using sealants with high chlorine resistant values

  • Hotel Rooms – sealant removal and replacement – multiple room discounts

  • Clean Rooms – health care services, hospital operation theatres and food preparation areas using anti-bacterial sealants

  • Acoustic Sound Proofing – windows, doors and floor perimeters

  • Glass to Glass Joints – using crystal clear sealants and coloured sealants

  • Anti-Pick/Non-Pick – secure units using one and two part ultra-tough materials

  • Removal of deteriorating sealant – cut out and re-seal

  • Colour Matching – comprehensive